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A Chapter 7 of the United States Bankruptcy Code is liquidation. This is where you discharge most of your unsecured debt and make a decision on what secure debt you wish to maintain and keep out of the bankruptcy. The filing fee for this typr of chapter is $335. You must list all of your debt and state your intention for the secured debt. (ie. Vehicle, Real Property). You will be required to take a Credit Counseling Class prior to filing your case. You are able to take the class online and once completed you will be issued a Certificate of Completion, of which must be filed with the rest of your documents. The total process can take anywhere from four to six months to complete. Once you filed your case you will be assigned a case number and a Trustee. The Trustee will oversee your case and will send you a letter requesting copies of bank statements and income tax returns. You will have a deadline to get the requested information to the Trustee’s office. A creditors meeting or a 341 meeting will be scheduled within 30-45 days from the filing of our case. The meeting usually only lasts 10-20 minutes with the Trustee asking questions regarding the information provided in your bankruptcy petition and schedules and additional information you are required to submit to the Trustee. Once the creditors meeting is held and you take a Financial Management Course (which you can take any time after you file your case), you will be eligible for discharge. Once the Trustee discharges you, they will file a report of no assets and distribution, then your case should close within 30 days after that time. This is just a quick overview of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy and there are many more factors involved. Filing for bankruptcy is a serious decision and should not be entered into lightly.


Divorce, Annulment or Legal Separation


This process takes approximately 90 days (3 months) to complete and there is a filing fee of $338 paid to the Clerk of Superior Court. The Petitioner (party who files the case) will attend a default hearing to obtain the final decree. In some instances you can file for a waiver of the default hearing if both parties are in agreement and there are no children involved.When there are children involved and no response is filed by the Respondent, the Petitioner can schedule a Default Hearing with the Judge (60 days after the Respondent was either served or signed an Acceptance of Service), so the judge can sign the final Decree.


Last Will & Testament / Liviing Will / Trust / Probate


This is a legal document that tells your loved ones how you want your possessions divided. The Living Will gives your family instructions on how you would like medical treatment in case you are in a place where you cannot act on your own behalf. You must appoint a Personal Representative / Executor over your estate that will oversee your wishes and handle all of your affairs after you are gone. Depending on the size of your estate assets at the time of your death will determine if your estate is subject to Probate.  There are two types of Trusts. An Irrevocable and Revocable. Both Trusts are not valid unless they are funded with your Assets, which means your Assets must be transferred into the Trust. With a Revocable Trust your beneficiaries, may still be exposed to Creditors being able to access the Assets in the Trust for payment. On the other hand, the Irrevocable Trust protects your Beneficiaries and Assets from Estate Taxes and Creditors. Your beneficiaries are immediately given the Assets of the Trust according to the language therein. Either way, if you have an estate worth over $75,000 it may be a good idea to have a Living Trust prepared and then transfer all of your Assets into it. It is always a good idea to seek legal advice from an experienced Attorney before having your Living Trust or for that matter any Estate Planning document prepared.

                                              ** SERVICES / FEES**


Bankruptcy                                                                 $190

Will Packages                                                             $175

Power of Attorney's & Deeds                                         $85 (each document)

Living Trust Packages                                                  $625 / $725

Probate                                                                      $400 / $500

Mobile Notary Service                                {trip fee}     $15 + $6 {per document}

Divorce                                                                      $300 / $325

Title Searches & Reports / Contracts / Liens                 $175 / $450

Modifications / Motions                                                $250 / $400




**Services do not include filing fees, unless otherwise stated**

**Personal Check, Debit / Credit Cards, Cash and Cashier's Checks Accepted**

 **$10 Service Charge on All Debit/Credit Card Transactions will be Added**

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